June 27 SOAP Journal

Scripture: ‘I myself am satisfied about you, my brothers, that you yourselves are full of goodness, filled with all knowledge and able to instruct one another.’ Romans 15:141044753.large

Observation: Such encouraging words where written by Paul of the Roman church that I can only hope to write such words of the people that I currently serve at Parkway. As a fellow Pastor I can relate to Paul as he reflects upon the time and energy that he has poured into these men and women and now looks upon them with a sense of pride and of doing his part to train and instruct them. This process of discipleship and leadership development of others is crucial for raising up the next generation of leaders.

Application: Leadership must be passed on to others and my role as a leader and pastor is to raise up and train other leaders and pastors. So that I too can look upon my brothers and sisters with satisfaction and a sense of pride.

Prayer: Father, help me and the rest of our pastors and leaders both here at Parkway Fellowship and at churches throughout this world to be spurned on to have a heart for leadership development and discipleship. We know that our time here is limited so we must pass on what we have learned by training others. And let us not do this because of any benefit to us but may it all be for your Glory and the advancement of your church. Amen.


JUne 26 SOAP Journal

Scripture: “So then each of us will give an account of himself to God. Therefore let us not pass judgment on one another any longer, but rather decide never to put a stumbling block or hindrance in the way of a brother.” Romans 14:12-131044753.large

Observation: Looking as these two verses together we really get the full sense of what Paul is asking of us. We will be asked to give an account of our lives to God so because of this we must not pass judgement on others or place in their way anything that will cause them to stumble. The interesting part is that the judgement falls not on the one who stumbles (although from other passages we know that we are accountable for our actions) but upon the believer who causes others to stumble. This is part of the teaching of loving your neighbor more than you love yourself because if you truly love others then you will go out of your way to ensure that they do not fall into temptation and you do not pass judgment on them when they do because the blame rests on your actions.

Application: I am responsible for my own behavior and actions and I will be held accountable for them. The “satan made me do it’ excuse or any other combination of casting the blame on someone else does not work. I must take responsibility for my actions and the effect that it has on others.

Prayer: Father, remind us that our behavior can affect other and let us strive as Paul later writes, ‘let us pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding’. Amen

June 25 SOAP Journal

Scripture: “Pay to all what is owed to them: taxes to whom taxes are owed, revenue to whom revenue is owed, respect to whom respect is owed, honor to whom honor is owed.” Romans 13:71044753.large

Observation: Paying taxes and our debts is somewhat easy to do but giving respect and honor to others has becoming sorely lacking in our time. Having just left behind the politically charged election season, I witnessed first-hand what happens when believers fail to show honor and respect for their leaders. It’s as if we fail to read what Paul is saying which is that you may not agree or even like your political leaders but you will honor and respect them! This has implications for us on many levels and in our age of ‘social media’ and ‘just saying’ culture this means that we resist the urge to post the latest zinger or funny about the guys in Washington.

Application: Where the rubber meets the road for us as believers is that we need to remember that these leaders ‘have been instituted by God’; meaning his hand was upon them and it was his will that they placed into the positions that they now occupy. As verse two of this chapter says, ‘Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment…’

Prayer: Father, help me to remember to respect my leaders and to show them the respect and honor that they deserve because to do otherwise is to incur your judgement upon me. Amen

June 24 SOAP Journal

Scripture: ‘…Outdo one another in showing honor.’ Romans 12:10


Observation: We live in a time of ‘one upping’ others; somebody we know buys a new car, we buy a newer more expensive car and the list goes on and on. What we do not often see is the idea of ‘one upping’ others in showing honor.

We seem to give in a culture and a time of mocking and dishonor for others, for our elders, for our leaders, and for society as a whole. For Paul’s emphasis here he is seeming to say that we believers need to lead the way in this area.

Application: In this area, believers need to go out of their way to be the ones who are showing respect for those whom we are called to honor in our lives.

Prayer: Father, help me and other believers to take an extra step this week in finding way to honor and respect our elders, our leaders, and any one to whom honor and respect is due.

June 20 SOAP

Scripture: ‘All day long I have held out my hands to a disobedient and contrary people.” Romans 10:21


Observation: In my mind I picture a mother who stands with her arms wide open as if to receive a hug from a child but that child has not the time or desire to go and hug their own mother but would rather continue in whatever pursuit they are involved in. God in the same way stands with open arms waiting for us to run into his arms but we are disobedient or too caught up in our own lives to have a relationship with God.

Application: After spending the previous part of this chapter celebrating the fact the through Jesus all people can come to know God and experience salvation, Paul ends this chapter with a sobering reminder that although salvation is now possible through Jesus not everyone will take advantage of it and God will be left standing with arms open wide to receive us and we will continue to run away and resist him.

Prayer: Father, thank you for the salvation that I have received in Jesus and may I never take for granted the love and acceptance of God who stands ready and willing to accept anyone who would surround their lives to him.

June 19 SOAP Journal

Scripture: “But it is not as though the word of God has failed…” Romans 9:6

Observation: Many people are quick to blame God when they perceive that something happened that he (God) could have prevented. It is like they are saying ‘God, your word failed to convince them to believe in you’! The caveat is two-fold in this scenario: first God is sovereign and through this section of teaching Paul is making this point that God can choose to save whom he wants. Second, to be saved one must demonstrate faith and belief in God and not rely on their works to save them.

Application: The application from this is two-fold: first, know that God is sovereign and his plan is being worked out in his mind and heart apart from our understanding or acceptance of that plan. Second, we must response with faith to the word and plans of God knowing and trusting that his plan is greater than our limited knowledge of that situation.

Prayer: Father, help me to place my complete trust in your sovereign plan for my life and for our world and to believe with faith and not doubt when trouble or resistance comes. Amen.

June 18 SOAP Journal

Scripture: Romans 8:6-8


Observation: To live a life that is not in obedience to God is death. No matter how good we think we are or what accomplishments we can brag about, to live a life purely ‘in the flesh’ cannot please God.

Application: Remember that there are people in this world that are caught in this trap is sobering and is a motivation for those of us who have accepted Jesus to point out to those outside the truth that living ‘in the flesh’ is a dead-end pursuit

Prayer: Father help and remind me that there are people in this world that are living a life in opposite to you and they need to be shown that their is a way of living that leads to life. Amen

June 17 SOAP Journal

Scripture: Romans 7:9-12

Observation: How many of us can remember back to what it was like before we came to know Christ? Paul is fortunate to be able to remember back that far in his life and he, in a moment of honest reflection, says that he thought that he was ‘alive’ but then he came to understand what God de


sired of his life then he realized that he was dead!

Application: Many people are going about their lives as if they are ‘alive’ and will be saved. But the sobering reality is that in the end they will be dead in their sins at death and lost to eternity in hell. this makes it ever more imperative that we continue to share the gospel with all.

Prayer: Father, today I ask that you would continue to remind me that there are lost people in the world and to burden me to share the gospel and invite people to our church. Amen

June 13 SOAP Journal

Scripture: Romans 5:18-20


Observation: In life we often talk about either our actions not affecting others or we over emphasize their affect. In this passage, Paul really highlights two people (Adam & Christ) and how their actions affected everyone! I wonder if Adam had a ‘do over’ would he have still chosen to eat the forbidden fruit? We read all the time about people who, after the fact, are regretful for their choices and actions but this takes this to a whole different level.

Application: Our actions do have consequences! Adam’s sin brought ‘condemnation for all men’ but because of Jesus and his death on the cross his ‘one act of righteousness leads to justification and life for all.’ AMEN!

Prayer: Jesus, thank you for your obedience to follow the plan laid out for you by the Father to go to the cross and through your one act, I can now stand before our Heavenly Father justified!

June 12 SOAP Journal

Scripture: “No unbelief made him waver concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong in his faith as he gave glory to God, fully convinced that God was able to do what he had promised.” Romans 4:20, 21


Observation: WOW! In the midst of the discouragement of growing older and his own wife’s inability to conceive and bear a child, Abraham never wavered in his faith and belief in the promise that God made to him. If any man had reason to lose hope or grow discouraged it was Abraham because of the length of time that he had to wait for the promise of God to be fulfilled, but instead he grew closer to God and gained strength.

Application: It is so easy to blame God and fall away when things do not go as we hope in our lives. Even when we believe that God has ‘promised’ us something and then it takes longer to play it self out than we anticipate, we waver in our commitment and begin to question God. Let us all look to the example of Abraham who never wavered or doubted the promises that God had made to him

Prayer: Father help me, when things get difficult, to never waver in my commitment to you and to grow stronger in my faith and belief in the promised of God.