June 17 SOAP Journal

Scripture: Romans 7:9-12

Observation: How many of us can remember back to what it was like before we came to know Christ? Paul is fortunate to be able to remember back that far in his life and he, in a moment of honest reflection, says that he thought that he was ‘alive’ but then he came to understand what God de


sired of his life then he realized that he was dead!

Application: Many people are going about their lives as if they are ‘alive’ and will be saved. But the sobering reality is that in the end they will be dead in their sins at death and lost to eternity in hell. this makes it ever more imperative that we continue to share the gospel with all.

Prayer: Father, today I ask that you would continue to remind me that there are lost people in the world and to burden me to share the gospel and invite people to our church. Amen


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