New Blog look & Direction

After the events of this week ( I was let go from my job with Velocity Church) I decided it was time for a fresh look to the blog. It is hard to put into words what has happened over the last few days and I would not be doing anyone any good to write all of the sorted details on this public a forum, but suffice to say I am cooping and moving on with my life.

My immediate plan is to look into teaching MS or HS history. The county that we live in (Paulding Co) is opening a new Middle & High School later this year. Georgia is a state that supports an easy transition into teaching from other fields. My first love and desire was to teach many years ago but that got put on the back burner to pursue “God’s work.” Well “God’s work” has not turned out so well for me so I will focus my energies now into impacting a generation through teaching.

I shall try to post updates on my progress as I start this process. Please pray for me and my family! Thank you to those who have loved and supported us! We will need that support now more than ever!