After the “big push” over the weekend to get all of our stuff into the house, we are now left with the reality of opening what seems like an endless amount of boxes. Forcing yourself to open one more box and then you will quit has become our mantra. To add to the stuff that we have already brought into the house, last night we made our first trip to the grocery store. Having been a regular shoppers at Aldies and Meyer in Cincinnati, we are now having to become Kroger shoppers because it is the closest store to the house. We proceeded to walk up and down every isle in the store because we did not know where anything was! Perhaps the coolest part of the evening was pulling into our own garage and unloading our food without having to clime two or more flights of stairs. After making a couple of adjustments, we were able to pull both cars in the garage last night and I took a picture.

It is still very surreal that we own our own home but I am amazed at the little things that I am finding delight in. Renting and not owning for a long time makes you feel all the more blessed when you finally do buy a home. So its back to unpacking boxes tonight after work….”honey have you seen that one box?” lol!