The Difference Between What Hip Looks Like and What Hip Is

I saw this article today and thought the writer makes some great points. In the church we have also fallen into the “hip” trap and this writer nails the difference. When I arrived here in Georgia to join the staff of Velocity, one of the arenas that i was thrust into was the website design. I kept coming back to the question of,”does it just look cool or does it work for us?” In the end it was both but I was brave enough to poise the question. I also liked this comment,

“Your call is important to us”: unless it isn’t, in which case we’ll continue to ignore you for (pause) five more minutes. We can all agree, I hope, that showing people they’re important to us, right here, right now, than it is to play them a recording of someone who just says it.”

Let’s face it…ministry is all about people and we need to not just talk about how we are here to meet them where they are but also show them that we care.