Community Make Over 2009

Community Makeover 2009
Community Makeover 2009

Today I spent the day working with guys from our church at two homes and an elementary school. We cleared land and hauled tree limbs away to the chipper. None of us were paid to be there and it was a great opportunity to serve others. One of  the homes belong to a single lady who’s trees had overgrown her roof and we were honored to be able to take them out and also to clean out her gutters.

IMG_2854When I got home, man was I dirty and sweaty! I had Melissa take this “dirty” picture of me.

It was great to be able to serve and I am blessed to be apart of a church that believes in serving others. May Christ be glorified this weekend through our service!


Random Thoughts

This past week and the week that is just beginning have  spurred some thoughts that I have been musing over and I wanted to share a few of them:

  • It was was year ago that I finished up my job in Cincinnati and I moved down here to Georgia. On Aug 1 it will be a year ago that I officially started at Velocity Church. This is rather ironic given that Velocity held its last service this past Sunday.
  • We are feeling the financial pain of not have a job. We have $10 in our checking account and wont see a significant check till the second week of August.
  • I am hopeful about job prospects and opportunities. I have participated in a couple of phone interviews and have another scheduled for Wednesday of this week.
  • This weekend our church Westridge is participating with 35 other church in Community Makeover weekend. I have volunteered to help on Friday and I will be working a couple of projects at some people’s homes. I am excited to be part of this and will try and take/post some pics from the weekend.
  • Savannah is getting bigger by the day it seems. Today she is 6 weeks old. The next challenge is eating from a bottle and sleeping more than 3 hours at a time at night.
  • Finally, Melissa and I have take up the challenge of eating healthy and losing weight. We have both set goals and hope to remain faithful to them.

God has been faithful to us and I am sensing this part of our journey is nearing its end! Please continue to pray for us and please feel free to contact us! We love and miss all of our friends and family.

Quick Check-in

I have been a bad blogger! Sorry about that but life with a new baby and the pursuit of employment have kept me busy. Here are some of the things that I have been up to:

1) Home Projects – I borrowed my neighbors pressure washer and spent a morning blasting the mildew of the north side of the house.

2) Travel – The Friday before the 4th of July, me and the family loaded up in the SUV and headed up the highway to visit my aunt & uncle in Paris, TN for the weekend. We then headed to Marshall, IL to spend the week with Melissa’s parents. Our final leg of the tour, we spent a few days with my parents in Marion, IL.

3) Networking – I have been  sending out emails like crazy trying to track down job leads. Melissa and I would like to possibly move closer to family and we have both been working our networks for job leads.

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Thanks for keeping up with me and look for more posts I promise!