That’s Quoteable – Seth Godin

We use technology to insulate us from our customers instead of bringing us closer.” – Seth Godin

How true this is! Another spin on this would be that we use technology to insulate ourselves from people. Now I am not saying that technology is not a wonderful thing and that it can not be used to bring us closer together (it can) but often it isolates us from others. I was apart of a conversation the other day in which on person said that they now text more than they talk. This in my mind is a perfect example of what Seth is saying. Instead of talking on the phone we are insulating ourselves by texting so that we do not have to carry on a real conversation.

Here is one more point to chew on….is the church guilt of this? If I had to take a long hard look at myself and the church I would have to confess that yes we sometimes do. Is it easier to send am email to someone in your church than pick up the phone to talk or stop by and pay a visit. Maybe it is not technology that is isolating us in the church but programs. Of of the pitfalls of the “mall church mentality” is that we have forced people to be “so busy” at church that are isolating themselves from others and from the unchurched.

In my quiet time, I am currently reading through the Bible and my Old Testament reading is coming out of the book of Nehemiah. Before the invention of modern technology, here was a leader in the person of Nehemiah how never let “things” get in the way of being a leader and someone who connects with people. I pray that I can be that kind of leader who does not “stuff” distract me from the focus of ministry which is people.