Election Day 2008, Part 2

I managed to stay up late enough to hear one of most inspiring speeches I have ever heard. Our new president Barack Obama has renewed my faith in America and given me hope for the future. I am extremely proud to say that I cast my ballot for him. I believe that he is the right leader and the right time and his legacy will be one of greatness. I deeply respect John McCain and the graciousness that he displayed in the campaign and in his speech last night. I pray that God would bless our new president and his family. Last night I saw in the faces of the people who stood around to listen to Barack’s speech the spark of hope. Perhaps the church can learn something from this election; we have the hope of eternity. Can we inspire people to act and believe as Obama has done?


Election Day 2008

Today our nation elects a new leader and my hope and prayer is that people would vote for their candidate based on their own decision. This is the fifth election that I voted in and I can honestly say that this was one of the hardest when it came to choosing a candidate to vote for. In the past I have voted one way based on tradition and single-issue thinking. This time, I really began to ask the question of the candidates, “who is the best man to lead our country? I did not ask that question in the past and I sorry that I did not when I case my ballet previously. I believe that Barak Obama is the person who can best lead our country and I will be casting my ballet for him today. I am a registered Republican, but I believe in the change that he can bring to our country. I John McCain happens to win, then I will be satisfied in that people exercised their right to vote and America decided on him in the end. I pray for both of these men and the administration that they will be bringing into Washington in a few months. Our country has many challenges and I am committed to praying for whomever becomes our next president. Go vote today! If you don’t vote then you have not right to criticize the outcome.