June 24 SOAP Journal

Scripture: ‘…Outdo one another in showing honor.’ Romans 12:10


Observation: We live in a time of ‘one upping’ others; somebody we know buys a new car, we buy a newer more expensive car and the list goes on and on. What we do not often see is the idea of ‘one upping’ others in showing honor.

We seem to give in a culture and a time of mocking and dishonor for others, for our elders, for our leaders, and for society as a whole. For Paul’s emphasis here he is seeming to say that we believers need to lead the way in this area.

Application: In this area, believers need to go out of their way to be the ones who are showing respect for those whom we are called to honor in our lives.

Prayer: Father, help me and other believers to take an extra step this week in finding way to honor and respect our elders, our leaders, and any one to whom honor and respect is due.


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