Hello friends!

It has been several weeks since I last posted that Melissa had lost her job. In the weeks since she was let go we have come to grips with what happened and are moving forward. She has been in contact with another hospital in the area and is awaiting an interview.

As for me, this will be my last week of pay from Velocity and I have not yet received any offers yet and have found few leads. I am upbeat and hopeful that I will find something very soon.

We have found a church that we both like and have been attending regularly. West Ridge Church is near our home and has a great spirit about it. God is blessing this church and we are excited to be apart of what is happening there. We are looking into connecting with a small group and hope to attend one next week.

All in all things are good. Please continue to pray for us.


Please pray!

Melissa was just told by Wellstar today that they were letting her go. This stems from an incident with a patient and was not at all her fault. We are devistated and have no idea what to do now! Please pray for us!