Our Cops Experience at Walmart


Yesterday Melissa and I were at Walmart getting groceries and upon entering the store Melissa left me for a moment so that she could use the bathroom. As I sat there waiting for her I noticed two guys headed toward the exit and one of them had their hand down the front of his pants. I then saw an  a guy coming up quickly behind the hand down the pants guy on his cellphone. I immediately thought that I was about to witness something cool and I was right. Once dude got outside, security tried to stop him and he then tried to run (not to dude…don’t try and outrun security!) They grabbed the guy and took him down to the ground. After he was subdued he was escorted to the back. Melissa and I happen to be picking up something in the same area close to where they were holding the guy. We overheard his 19 year old sister tell the store manager, security, and the cops that he brother was 17 and was trying to steal a pair of boxer shorts (hint #2 don’t tell the cops that you knew what he was up to).  The police then told the sister that her brother was being taken to jail for attempted shoplifting, resisting arrest, and for having possession of the Chronic. As we were leaving the parking lots, the police where searching the car that they drove in.  I guess it goes to show that if you are going to try and steal at Walmart don’t draw attention to yourself by placing your hand down your shorts and don’t tell your “crew” what you are up to otherwise they will get busted too. One other piece of advice…don’t have weed on you is you intend to steal! If you get caught it will get you in more trouble.

Bad boys, bad boys what you gonna do?



In I Samuel 25 & 26 I have been reading about David and how on two different occasions, He obeyed God and did not take Saul’s life when he was presented the opportunity to do so. Often we believe that God has “delivered” an opportunity into our hands but when we step back we often realize that this is just not the case. At Catalyst a few years ago I heard Andy Stanley preach on this passage and he made the case that just because we are presented with an opportunity does not mean that we should take it! Following God requires obedience and wisdom and seeking the counsel of others. Being in relationships with others who can speak truth into your life are key when it comes to obeying God.

What relationships are you engaged in that speak truth into your life?

How do you discern if any opportunity real is from God?

My Ride on the Silver Comet Trail


I took my bike in on Monday to have some repairs done to it and yesterday I went to pick it up. As soon as I got home, I really wanted to test it out on the Silver Comet Trail. I had previously made plans to take our dog to the park so that she could get out of the house and play. I decided instead of taking Maggie to the park that I would take her riding with me on the trail. I hooked up her harness and attached her leash to the front of my bike and off we went! Maggie did pretty good at time and at other times she remembered that she was a hound dog and wanted to stop and smell things. We passed a guy walking his dog and he commented that I had a good idea for walking walking Maggie using the bike. I hope to get back on the trail a few days a week and ride. Maggie is hoping that I don’t get the idea to take her along again but I think it would be good exercise for her to get out and ride with me a few times a month. So, if you see us on the trail say hi!

Hey Honey Come Look at This!

IMG_2410 Last night after using the bathroom, I looked over into the sink and   this is what I saw! Guess it was a good thing that I did not put my hands in the sink! Georgia apparently has two different kinds of scorpions and this is one kind. Their bite is not lethal but painful I am told. Well at least it was not a snake that I found!