June 19 SOAP Journal

Scripture: “But it is not as though the word of God has failed…” Romans 9:6

Observation: Many people are quick to blame God when they perceive that something happened that he (God) could have prevented. It is like they are saying ‘God, your word failed to convince them to believe in you’! The caveat is two-fold in this scenario: first God is sovereign and through this section of teaching Paul is making this point that God can choose to save whom he wants. Second, to be saved one must demonstrate faith and belief in God and not rely on their works to save them.

Application: The application from this is two-fold: first, know that God is sovereign and his plan is being worked out in his mind and heart apart from our understanding or acceptance of that plan. Second, we must response with faith to the word and plans of God knowing and trusting that his plan is greater than our limited knowledge of that situation.

Prayer: Father, help me to place my complete trust in your sovereign plan for my life and for our world and to believe with faith and not doubt when trouble or resistance comes. Amen.


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