Small Group Conversation Taking Place

I am a small groups guy so I was very interested in reading the conversation that is taking place on the Willow GroupLife Blog. The topic is whether small groups are dying? Various people in the movement have chimed in including Mark Batterson, Eric Metcalf, and Randall Neighbour. If you would like to take a read and comment yourself here is the link.

My two cents is that they are declining in impact but that is mainly due to our efforts to make them into something that they are not. When the process or the system does not fit the context for the vision, the groups fail. I believe in the power of groups to produce life change and I will stand firm on that belief. The methods, philosophy, and systems that we use should and must change and adopt.

What do you think…are groups really dying?


3 thoughts on “Small Group Conversation Taking Place

  1. Correction… Randall Neighbour, not Ralph Neighbour, Jr. commented on that thread.

    Believe me, you do not want my dad commenting on that blog thread. He’d be quick to point out that the small group or the biblical community IS THE CHURCH, not a subset of a religious organization.

  2. Small groups are not dying. Our church just a had a new sign up for small groups. I do believe we had 20 different groups to choose from. Community is key for a church to thrive. Doesn’t matter how you go about it.

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