Yeah I am that guy!

Over the last couple of weekends, Melissa and I have visited a couple of churches in our area as we search for a place to call home. Two weekends ago we visited The Church at the Ridge. We enjoyed ourselves suffice to say the only negative was the “hard” seat that my pregnant wife did not particularly enjoy. Steve Whipple is the Lead Pastor at the church at the ridge and I have gotten to know Steve a little bit and I can see that God is blessing what they are doing at the Ridge.

Yesterday, Melissa and I attended West Ridge Church which is up the road in Hiram. West Ridge is a very large and growing church. Their lead pastor Brian Boyle is a great guy and God is blessing their ministry to the point that they are going to be starting a Sunday night service in March. We enjoyed ourselves yesterday and Westridge and are making plans to go back.

I do not like “shopping” for churches but during this time and season it is nice to be free to look around and celebrate what God is doing in local ministry and see where he is calling us to serve. We are planning on visiting a couple of more churches in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for the reviews!


2 thoughts on “Yeah I am that guy!

  1. Hey Brian – good story, I am glad that you guys are getting out and plugging in to the community of churches. We had our fist home church gathering last Saturday. 9 people, opening Bibles, asking hard questions, and BEING the church. It was GREAT.

    I’ve been interviewing at other churches, and dwe’ll see what happens.

  2. Brian:

    I am a previous member of DCC, and have been keeping up with the changes. I noticed you are looking for a church home and wanted to let you know of the church my family found after leaving, it is The Church at Chapel Hill. The have allot of great things going on, the church is growing has a very strong children’s program and we open a new sanctuary in March would love to have you come by they currently have 4 services. It is a large church with a small church feel and an amazing passion for Christ.

    Here is the website

    May God Bless and Keep you


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