What a day!

captphoto_1232535029856-2-0Looking at the scene of people (all 1.9 million of them) in Washington D.C. yesterday for the inauguration of our new President, I could not help but feeling a tremendous amount of pride and wishing that I could have been there. The stories of people who traveled to be there to witness history was inspiring. I join others in praying for our new President and his family and place my hope that he has been raised up to lead our country at a time of God’s choosing as has occurred in the past.

What are your thoughts from yesterday’s inauguration?


2 thoughts on “What a day!

  1. Man, that’s a lot of people. Glad I wasn’t in that number. Enjoyed it from the office computer just fine. My prayers too are with the new president.

    Next, please leave the poets at home. And the closing prayer was a show, not a prayer.

    My thoughts for what they are worth…

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