Father, Husband, President

Obama Inauguration One of the traits about our new President, that I most admire and want to emulate in my life is that he sees himself as a father first, then a husband, and then as the President of the United States. He loves his two daughters very much and that is quite evident when you watch and listen to him talk about his family. He also loves his wife and understand that his second priority is to be a husband to Michelle. As a soon to be father, I can only hope that I can have our new President’s sense of priorities when my first child arrives later this Summer.


One thought on “Father, Husband, President

  1. Great thoughts, but personally, I would be the husband first and father second. Remember, some day the kids are going to be gone. You will be glad the romance is still there, being kindled all along the way; secondly, the children will learn from the example dad and mom set. Just my 2cts worth.

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