Football Coaches & Pastors

I have been giving this post some thought for sometime, but only until recently did I have the mind to blog about it. I have noticed that football coaches and pastors have a lot in common. Whenever the end of the regular season in football rolls around and the coaches who have not met their expectations and have been fired dominates the news, the talk turns to who is leaving and who is going to be coming in.

Changes in leadership are never easy whether it is in the church or sports. When a pastor is let go from a church or is hired to lead a church, the focus becomes upon his vision and is he the right fit? Turning back to football, I hear the same conversations and musings taking place. In this respect, I see similarities between coaches and pastors.

Another area of similarity that I see is in the area of interviewing. Many coaches are hired simply because of their name or reputation and not because they are a good “fit” for the job or the team. Many talented coached never get the chance to interview for jobs because of their race or because they are bad interviewers. When it comes to hiring our pastors, we often focus on where the candidate went to school, interned, or who they know more than if they are a good “fit.” I think that finding the right candidate who fits the team or the church is crucial. Many head coaches and lead pastors are not cut out for the job! They would be better suited being an assistant coach or focusing on an area of ministry where they are most gifted and passionate.

The people behind the scenes are the ones who must make the difficult decision of hiring a coach or lead pastor and it is in their best interest to take their time and hire the right guy. Far to many pastors and coaches are let go because they were not the right “fit.” As the coaching carousel continues this off-season, I shall watch with great amusement and wonder to myself about the coach and the team while also thinking about the church and people who are leading church and the people who are looking to lead churches and the parells that I see.

what do you think…is there a similarity between coaches and pastors?


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