How is your faith?

In Matthew chapter 8, Jesus heals a man with leprosy and then heals the servant of a Roman solider. In both instances, those miracles were preceded by the demonstration of great faith by two different individuals.  As I read these accounts this morning, I found myself asking if I had a faith that would be so bold as to ask Jesus to heal my servant from a distance. I think that if many of of us where honest with ourselves we would say that we have just enough faith to believe that Jesus is the son of God, but not enough faith to believe that he can change our lives and is in a better position to be in control of it!

Tomorrow, we will starting a new message series entitled, “ICrave” and it is our hope that through this message series, the  launching of connect groups, and a call to prayer and fasting that our commitment and devotion to God would be renewed and deepened.  I also believe that our faith is tied into our dependence upon God. If we crave God above everything else then our faith in him to have control over our lives will be much stronger.

Join us this Sunday if you are in the area! You can also listen to our pod cast at

I will be posting thoughts and challenges throughout the series, so check back!


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