Election Day 2008, Part 2

I managed to stay up late enough to hear one of most inspiring speeches I have ever heard. Our new president Barack Obama has renewed my faith in America and given me hope for the future. I am extremely proud to say that I cast my ballot for him. I believe that he is the right leader and the right time and his legacy will be one of greatness. I deeply respect John McCain and the graciousness that he displayed in the campaign and in his speech last night. I pray that God would bless our new president and his family. Last night I saw in the faces of the people who stood around to listen to Barack’s speech the spark of hope. Perhaps the church can learn something from this election; we have the hope of eternity. Can we inspire people to act and believe as Obama has done?


2 thoughts on “Election Day 2008, Part 2

  1. Obama says he stands for “Change”, but he never even addresses what he means by “Change we can believe in.” How ignorant can you be to think that he will be able to change anything. The only thing he will be able to do is take us one step closer to communism. Thats all we need, how bout more welfare too?? Hmm, lets see, 1 Tim. 5:8 says, “But if any provide not for his own, and especially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” I’m thinking welfare and communism aren’t exactly biblical. Obama is an awesome speaker though. He is awesome at talking around a subject without saying anything. I cannot see how ANYONE who calls themselves a Christian could possibly vote for someone who supports abortion, wouldn’t vote to outlaw partial birth abortion, and voted to DENY immediate care to an infant who survived a partial birth abortion (even thought he tacked on a crappy excuse for the debate).Obviously a partial birth abortion is murder if there is a chance the baby can SURVIVE! And if you don’t agree that life begins at conception, check out Psalm 139.

  2. Dewitt,
    Thanks for the post! I respect your views on abortion as I join you in the belief that it is murder and that life begins at conception but this past election was about more than just one issue. I stand by my choice to cast a ballot for Obama because I believe he is a leader that I can respect and that he represents our best chance as a nation to move forward on important issues. John McCain I might add, held no strong position on abortion until he became the republican nominee and realized that “O yeah I guess I better take a position that evangelicals will agree with so they will elect me just like W in 2004!” Barak is also a believer in Christ whereas John McCain is not and for me he was the right choice to make. We have got to stop voting for people based on our pet issue of abortion. Our country does need change from the mess we have gotten ourselves into and the platform of the Republican party does not know how to bring change. Barak Obama in my opinion will bring fresh ideas and a new vision to our country. I think that it is a stretch to say that he will bring us one step closer to communionism because he wants to help people. I agree that the church need to help their own but it can only do so much. Churches need to partner with government to help people.I doubt that anything that I have written will change your mind on your voting position, but as a fellow pastor I ask that you respect my position because I did think long and hard about my choice and in the end, President Elect Obama was the right choice for me.


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