Our Churches are Becoming Larger – Part 3 of the Changing Nature of the Small Group Pastor’s Role

The ‘Megachurch’ as we know it is a phenomena that was only been around for about 20 plus years, but in that time it is growing both numerically and in influence. According to Robert Crosby[1] in 1980 there were only 150 megacchange-ahead-hrhurches compared with 1,600 today. Also when you look at the total number of people who attend a church regularly, 50% of these people attend a megachurch, ‘though megachurches] only account for 10 percent of American congregations’[2]. The numbers show that these ‘big churches are getting even bigger’[3] so it would stand to reason that if a church wants to make small group ministry a priority in their church, they must find a way to incorporate a small group system or ministry on a much larger scope than they may have had to in the past.



Question: What effect has the megachurch phenomenon had upon Small Group Ministry?




[1] Crosby, Robert. “MegaChange: 10 Trends ReShaping the American Megachurch” Outreach Magazine. (September, 2013).

[2] ibid

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One thought on “Our Churches are Becoming Larger – Part 3 of the Changing Nature of the Small Group Pastor’s Role

  1. We live in Cleveland and there aren’t many “mega-churches” here. In fact most churches are around 100 people. We’re a 5 year old church plant and this area reminds me why we so desperately need more church plants around the country. But, I was thinking about your post and I actually wonder how we can help the other half- the 50% of people going to small churches. Because those churches are a lot smaller, that means there will be a lot more of them. But, I bet having a healthy group structure, even in a 100 person church will be a puzzle piece that can help them grow. Thanks for your thoughts. http://www.refuelblog.com

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