July 1 SOAP Journal

Scripture: Exodus 1:17; 20

Observation: We read in this section of the book of Exodus that the people of Israel where increasing in population very rapidly while in Egypt and the Egyptians took steps to guard themselves by in-slaving the people and asking the midwives (who assisted in the delivery of babies) to kill the male children of the Hebrews. But, the story says that the ‘midwives feared God’ and did obey their master’s but instead let the male children live. The story goes on to say that God ‘dealt well’ with these women and allowed them to also have children.1044753.large

Application: The decision to ‘honor God’ and ‘not follow’ the laws of men was a very brave choice that these women made as it involved great risk to themselves and their lives. We are faced with similar choices in many occasions in our lives. The easy answer is that we follow God no matter the cost to us but when the time comes to make that choice will be remain true to that decision? If we are faithful in following God then he (God) will be faithful in rewarding us.

Prayer: Father God, help me and others to make the difficult decision to follow you and make choices that are in line with your will and character even when they are in opposition to the will of man. And finally help us not to make these choices not because of what we will receive back from you but because of who you are! Amen.


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