Is Getting God Enough?

In Numbers chapter 18 God says to Aaron in verse 20 “The Lord also said to Aaron, “You will not inherit any of the land, and you will not own any land among the other people. I will be yours. Out of all the Israelites, only you will inherit me.”

I wonder how Aaron must have felt to be told that the land that he had been hearing about for years and was to be flowing with “milk and honey”; he personally would never get to own any of it! This struck me because in essence God was saying to Aaron that he would have to be satisfied with Him and Him only! How many of us when everybody around us is receiving things is left with just God. I detect in the tone of God the idea that “Hey Aaron you get me! Nobody gets just me but you do! And by the way, you have to be ok with that!”

I wonder if we can appreciate what Aaron was to receive from God. Too many of us focus on what we get from God and miss the fact that we just get to be with God. The blessing of not having to farm and take care of land was given to Aaron who was then free to focus on serving God full-time in ministry. Perhaps God was on to something with this arrangement and we have somehow missed it or ignored it?

The greatest inheritance that we can receive is to be adopted into the family of God and may we never take it for granted or feel that it is beneath us to settle for being in the presence of God.


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