Removing the term Hotlanta from our vernacular

Having lived here in the city of Atlanta for a little over a year now I have become familiar with the term “Hotlanta” which is often used to describe our city.  There is a movement a foot to rid the world of the term. Apparently Atlanta residents do not like the term and do not use it when describing the city but those from outside the city use it often when speaking of Atlanta. I would like to know what you think, “do you use the term Hotlanta?” “Would you like to see the phrase done away with?” “What term or phrase would you suggest be used in its place?”



8 thoughts on “Removing the term Hotlanta from our vernacular

  1. In my travels it comes since I am from Atlanta. I usually tell people that we don’t use it nor like it and we prefer others didn’t use it either. Sometimes they ask why…I just tell them that it’s old and we think it is stupid.

  2. This is nuts. I live in Atlanta, and the term “Hotlanta” is used here all the time by Atlanta residents. Anyone that says different is either lying or isn’t a resident.

    So where is this nonsense coming from? Some DJ at a local radio station decided this was his new “cause d’jour”, and has enlisted his mindless minions to his bidding. You can be sure that “Hotlanta” will be around a lot longer than this guy’s radio show.

    It’s too bad his listeners don’t have anything more important to do than to worry about whether Hotlanta is the latest name for Atlanta or not. Obviously, they need to get a life, but it would be nice if they could think for themselves, too.

    Hotlanta is the one nickname that’s actually weathered the years (there have been many other nicknames). Why? Because it’s the one nickname that’s actually descriptive of Atlanta. We have the hottest nightlife in the south. And yes, it’s hot here. Even the history of the name is cool. It got it’s start as a song done by the Allman Brothers back in the 70’s. And let’s not forget that the word itself is great. It’s a clever manipulation of “Atlanta”, and people like it. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

    As for ATL, what that heck is that? It’s a luggage tag and means absolutely nothing at all. It’s not clever, meaningful, or even nice. It’s just boring and lazy. I have nothing against people using it, but compared to “Hotlanta”, it just doesn’t measure up at all.

    The fact that “Hotlanta” promotes our great city to the world not withstanding, how is denigrating what people call our city, a term we ourselves promoted, helpful to our image? If you don’t like the term, don’t use it, but please stop telling others that they can’t use it. That’s just rude.

    And we’re the city to busy to be rude… LOL!

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