Gas Station Guy

Yesterday on my trip home from the gym, I pulled into a Kroger gas station to get some gas for my SUV. The station was moderately busy and so I proceeded to wait for an open pump. I pulled up behind a large “truuck” (That’s what they call em in Georgia!) that I thought was just sitting there because the owner had gone to the window to pay.  3, 4, 5 minutes went by and the owner of the truuck had not returned yet. I saw that another pump was going to be available so I pulled my SUV around to that pump and proceeded to start pumping my gas. I happened to notice that the truuck that I had been waiting on to move had in fact just been sitting there! The owner had been sitting in the cab the whole time! I went over to this guy an asked him why he was just sitting there, occupying a gas pump when people are trying to fill up and are even waiting behind other drivers. Truuck guy was completely clueless that he was doing anything wrong. He was even oblivious to the fact that I had waited behind him for like 5 minutes myself. I guess I just don’t get some people!


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