My Ride on the Silver Comet Trail


I took my bike in on Monday to have some repairs done to it and yesterday I went to pick it up. As soon as I got home, I really wanted to test it out on the Silver Comet Trail. I had previously made plans to take our dog to the park so that she could get out of the house and play. I decided instead of taking Maggie to the park that I would take her riding with me on the trail. I hooked up her harness and attached her leash to the front of my bike and off we went! Maggie did pretty good at time and at other times she remembered that she was a hound dog and wanted to stop and smell things. We passed a guy walking his dog and he commented that I had a good idea for walking walking Maggie using the bike. I hope to get back on the trail a few days a week and ride. Maggie is hoping that I don’t get the idea to take her along again but I think it would be good exercise for her to get out and ride with me a few times a month. So, if you see us on the trail say hi!


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