Going Black

My apologies to my readers but I have not had the motivation to blog in several weeks! I know that I have been a bad blogger and I am sorry!My time has been divided between trying to find things to do around the house because I do not know how much time that I will have before I start working again. My other pursuit is looking for a job which takes up a considerable about of time.

This past weekend, the wife was sick with a bad cold which she has managed to pass along to me now. We had hoped to attend the first service of Passion City Church but did not make it. There is another service next month and hopefully we can attend that service.

Maggie has enjoyed having me home. She no longer spends her days in her crate but instead gets to sleep in a comfortable spot while I search for the means to keep her in puppy food and treats!

All in all life goes on here at the Brunke house! Perhaps this experience will prompt me to write more which could be a good thing.


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