Broken Reflections, part 2

We all have done it or know people who continue to do it. There is that one thing in our house or on our car that we know is broken but somehow we have managed to “jimmy-rig” it so that it still “functions” but in reality it is just busted. The other extreme is that we choose to ignore it and when someone else notices that it is broke we come back with, “oh yeah! I have been meaning to fix that!” Why do we choose to either ignore or “jimmy-rig” the things in our lives that are broken? Dealing with what is broken and is not working is hard and requires some work on our part and we have either become lazy or apathetic in taking the steps to make us whole again. It is my prayer that through our upcoming sermon series, we would see broken people who are struggling with real issues come to Christ and walk away with a new heart and mind!


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