Of Gas Shortages and Busted Bailouts

I usually shy away from blogging about politics but this is just to big to ignore. I can’t believe that our leaders in Washington can’t find a way to come together and agree on a plan to help out our troubled economy! In many ways the mess that we find ourselves in is a result of their failures over the last few years. Therefore it should be incumbent on them to fix the mess that they have made. There is plenty of blame to go around and the talking heads and spending the morning doing that. The mark of a leader is to admit your mistake, avoid blaming others, and set into the fray and do something about it. I just hope there is a leader left in Washington who will head my advice.

As for the gas shortage….it is a joke and completely ridiculous! Yesterday I saw cars waiting at a local Racetrac station for the gas that the tanker truck was just delivering. You would think that they (our state government in Georgia) would have anticipated this problem knowing full well that all of our gas comes from the gulf region and stepped up their efforts to get extra gas flowing into the state! Nope did not happen! Our Governor last week finally realized that it might be a good idea to drop some of the restrictions on the type of gas that we can use in GA so that more gas can be available. Stay tuned on this front…Georgia and North Carolina are the only states that are feeling the shortage and it is becoming a major pain in the you know where!


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