Agreeing on Furniture

This past weekend, the wife and I continued our tour of furniture stores in the area in a quest for a bedroom set that we could both agree upon. After visiting several furniture stores last weekend, all the stores are starting to look the same and all of the stuff in the stores is also starting to look all the same.

This morning, it struck me in light of the message that I heard preached yesterday by Paul, “Is shopping for furniture like looking for Jesus?” One of the points of Paul’s message from Rev 3:1 was that we often like the church in Sardis are “going through the motions” of our faith. Our cultures often views the church as not relevant, dated, and out-of-touch. They believe that once they have seen one Christ-follower, they have seen them all and in many cases that is true. We often confirm our culture’s beliefs about us by living a “going through the motions faith.”

As we went in and out of various stores, there was something that we were looking for; something that when we found it we new it was what we were looking for. People come in and out of the church as they also come in and out of our lives. let us not be people who look and act like everybody else but we posses the one thing that people are looking for; the message of eternal life and a relationship with Jesus Christ!

P.S. The wife and I are still looking for a bedroom set for our house but we have found a group of Christ-followers who are committed to not living like everyone else. This group of people is called Velocity Church and I am proud to be counted among them.


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